DDS Wireless International Inc. operates in the following three businesses. Each is committed to the best in class solutions with a clear customer focus.

Taxi Fleet Management Solutions


logo_ddsDigital Dispatch is a global provider of computerized dispatching and turnkey wireless fleet management solutions for taxi fleets ranging in size from ten to several thousand vehicles. Digital Dispatch offers two distinct products. TaxiBook, a Hosted Solution for smaller taxi companies, and PathFinder for large enterprise solutions. Both share a significant amount of common features and functionality. Digital Dispatch also provides mobile commerce and mobile applications for booking taxis.


Transit Fleet Management Solutions


logo_dds_transitDDS Transit boasts a customer base that includes four of the top five, and 10 of the top 20 transit authorities in North America, as well as a variety of demand response operators in Europe. DDS Transit offers a complete solution including mobile devices, wireless data infrastructure and advanced scheduling, dispatching and client management software. In Europe, DDS Transit offers service-based managed scheduling and dispatching, and Mobisoft Travel Centre (MTC).


Solutions for Limo & Airport Shuttles


logo_efleetCatering to limousines and Airport Shuttles, eFleet extends computerized dispatching, vehicle location, mapping, point-of-sale payment processing and navigation to commercial fleet operators into a single hosted system that is available as a subscription service. The eFleet solution includes a complete bundle of software, hardware and data networks that are securely accessible via web browser to provide dispatching and management for fleets of commercial vehicles.